Apollo factory building Coromal Caravans

Coromal construction in full swing

Apollo Design & Production commenced building Coromal Caravans in late in 2018, and the production line is in full swing now. The first vans built in the Northgate factory were seen at the Adelaide Caravan Show in February and were well received by the public.


The early releases were the Pioneer Evolution XC 632, the Element Evolution 632 RTV and Tourer, as well as the Element Evolution 612 Tourer model.

The production team have since released further Element Evolution models, such as the 553 RTV and Tourer, the 612 RTV and several more models about to follow.

In the next few weeks we will see the first of the family vans, The Element Evolution 636 and 696, as well as 2 more Pioneer Evolution models, in the 553 and 612.

Over the coming months we will see a number of new models working their way through production, including the very popular Appeal and Princeton caravans.


The Evolution build process and FRV chassis were major leaps forward for Coromal, making lighter and stronger caravans for the Australian market. The engineering is underway for the the Appeal and Princeton to be updated to the new build process and the hope will be to launch the new improved versions of these popular models at a date to be determined later this year.

Watch this space

We will provide updates on the new models coming out of production as they happen, watch this space for news on the exciting new range of Coromal Caravans.

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